Can some car be tracked by its Auto PC frequencies?

What frequencies does car computer send out and can that car be tracked from that frequency?

For those who are preparing to deliver a speech to an audience, there is always a chance that they will be abruptly interrupted by someone else’s mobile device going off. Since the phones have fallen into the hands of the masses, there have been stories of theatrical comedians stopping at mid-play to kick someone whose phone was ringing at a crucial moment in time. the procedure.

Carputers are somewhat like smartphones integrated into your car. They have touch screen and many various functions like the ability to call someone, embedded GPS tracking, rear-view camera, and so on. Those functions are using not only the systems of your car but also some wireless frequencies like GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi.

As long as GPS might be tracked with ease, WiFi jammer can be tracked too and even Bluetooth frequency may be used to track your car, you need to prevent your AutoPC carputer from tracking your whereabouts, leaving bad guys with no information about your route and places you visit.

The jammer is used more and more on various occasions, becoming an important tool to eliminate noise and stay silent.