Would Electric Imp really connect all my housewares to the internet?

Hi there! This Electric Imp start-up is very promising as for me so I am curious would they do all they have planned and wouldn’t it be dangerous in any way?

Although services are much calmer these days, the priest’s actions have inadvertently caused problems for other members of the community.

One of these men, Father Michele Madonna, was so exasperated by the cell phone jammer that got under way in the services of his church in Naples, Italy, that he eventually installed a scrambling device for them. shut up.

The whole system will work in a manner of Eye-Fi card that allows you to connect probably any electronic device to the internet and use this feature to remotely control its behavior, set some parameters and turn things in your house on and off when it is necessary and when it suites your day schedule. In any way, this idea is not new but if it will be completed in the right way we will get really cool things for our life.

Still there is another side of a coin – the CIA Director David Petraeus promised to use all such housewares connected to the internet for personal data collecting about you and other people living in a house. So In the nearest future you might want to have some protection against Electric Imp devices which could be used to spy on you, your relatives and friends.

In this spirit, it is perhaps not too surprising to learn that priests, too, have had trouble doing so by delivering sermons in their churches.