How can I hide from HawkEye 5300 tracking device?

Hello everyone! I was told that it is one of the most modern tracking devices and you cannot hide from it. But I don’t believe that, so how can I hide from this tracking device?

“The airspace security plan has also been approved to provide security measures against low-speed and low-energy threats as well as drones with minimal disruption to commercial aviation and related aspects.” declared Mahlobo.

Mahlobo then referred to a statement from the Joint National Intelligence and Operational Structure (NATJOINTS) on February 11, one day before SONA, which said there was a no-fly zone above parliament.

Blue Sky Network HawkEye 5300 is a tracking device that uses SIRFstarIII GPS jammer chip (like that in Motorola PDA MC-75), Iridium satellite network and GSM location triangulation for tracking purposes. They are calling this way of object tracking the dual satellite and cellular mode. HawkEye 5300 may be placed in any vehicle, boat, yacht, plane or other mean of transportation to track it and have the two-way communication in there.

With the help of such complex tracking solution your location will be visible anywhere on the Earth, be it desert, jungles, ocean or sky. Location will be tracked 100% of time. If you need that – great! Personally I don’t know better solution for such purpose. But if you are afraid that someone might use it against you and discover your location when you don’t want that – you need to block HawkEye 5300 tracking device and don’t let anyone use Blue Sky Network tracking solution agains you.