What can I do to prevent being spotted by DRONE Stealth Cam?

Hi guys! Please tell me how can I make that DRONE Stealth Cam will not spot me?

Heunis, who builds quadcopters as a hobby, said these unmanned aerial vehicles can be programmed to fly independently, which means they do not need a signal to operate.

“The example of how the United States has actually managed to follow Osama bin Laden and they continue to do so. Some of them are flying above the radar and below the radar,” he said. .

DRONE Stealth Cam has wireless modem that operates with GPS jammer  and cellular frequency bands. GPS is used to monitor the location of this hidden surveillance camera and cellular networks are used to send data produced by this cam (pictures, videos, etc.) to the camera owner. All data is then available through internet browser and DRONE Command Hub website.

Among other features of DRONE Stealth Cam are 4X zoom, weatherproof housing (IP54), image preview thumbnails and high speed CAT5 communication port. As long as you cannot prevent this hidden cam from picturing you directly (unless you will avoid physically from getting into its view range) you can prevent DRONE Stealth Cam from using its cellular antenna to send e-mail and social media notifications about video was captured or to make pictured image available for preview and download.