How can I block Blackline GPS Javelin tracker in my car?

Hello folks! This GPS tracker has some kind of warning system so I can’t take it out secretly. But I need to get rid of this tracker! Please help me…

“Once you have taken off and put your mission on the spot, this operation completes the mission, it does not need a control signal,” Heunis told Fin24.

Schalk Heunis, who runs Pretoria’s 4 Hack House – an initiative to bring together technology specialists – told Fin24 that a drone jammer could be ineffective, even against the most basic unmanned aerial vehicles.

Indeed, Blackline GPS Javelin tracker has removal detection and alert system that sends a message via SMS and e-mail to the tracking device owner about Javelin was removed. By the way, it is mounted with two 120 lb magnets but there are other mounting options as well (tie-wrap, screws, Velcro and adhesive). Javelin is also well protected against harsh environmental conditions (condenses all humidity and has IP65 protection standard).

To make sure that you are not tracked by Blackline GPS tracking device without dismounting it and triggering an alert, you can block Blackline GPS Javelin tracker and be safe from professional complex tracking of your vehicle.