What can I do against Rosum ALLOY chip indoor tracking?

Hi everybody! I have heard that this new kind of tracking will use TV signals to find out where exactly are people inside the building. Is it even possible at all?

As modern technology progresses, people’s lives become more and more practical and easy. As technology continues to evolve, network generation has also shifted from 2G to 3G and 4G again. Maybe in the future, it will reach a higher level. For compatibility with advanced 4G devices, components and accessories must also be designed for 4G technical support. Like a 4G phone. So, without a doubt, we invented 4G mobile phone signal jammers, such as 4G mobile devices supported by the phone, especially 4G smart phones in the market position, effectively blocking the 4G network frequency. The standing plaque indicates that the phone can be useful as a device for communicating with friends, family and other people, but sometimes you get irritated when you want to be alone or in a meeting without wanting to reach the phone. Time is the perfect time for cell phone signal jammers. How to deal with 4G mobile devices, the direction of the glorious era of Mobile Phone 4G Adjustable High Power Scrambler.

Rosum developed an absolutely new system that they have called ALLOY. Their partner is a company called Siano that specializes on quality mobile TV no matter where you are – indoors or outdoors. So those two companies have combined their efforts to make this new technology and develop new way of tracking people and other objects inside different buildings.

Their ALLOY indoor tracking technology works in this way: the A-GPS signal that is used for precise outdoor tracking will do the first part of the location finding job, and the mobile TV signals will be used for further location alignment inside the building where GPS tracking is almost helpless. So in that way ALLOY will know exact spot where you are in the building.