Can multi-frequency desktop jammer block Iridium satellite frequencies?

Hi, can the RCJ40-D also jam those Iridium frequencies used for satellite phones?

The purpose of this article is to explain how distance calculations and / or measurements of a scrambling “link” are made. Clearly, the Jammer does not establish a “connection” with the victim, but we can look at the interaction between them in the same way that we look at a normal communication link between two “partners”.

Iridium satellite phone system that you are asking about consists of six orbits with 11 satellites flying each one of them, totaling in 66 satellites. They use L band to communicate with ground sources and this band has the working frequency of 1616-1626.5MHz, so yes, you can jam Iridium frequencies with RCJ40-D jammer.

By the way, their satellite phone, Iridium Extreme, can be also blocked with the same signal jammer, moreover it will block not only the communication signal of the satellite phone but in addition the WiFi hotspot that it can create and GPS tracking that it has.

Unfortunately, most customers are familiar with communication links and equipment, but they are far less familiar with the concept and equipment of interference. As a result, they do not understand why there is no “simple” or unique answer to this question.