How can I avoid being pictured by Ghost Hunter players?

Hello dear experts! Recently I have discovered that there is some kind of crowd control will be used in the Ghost Hunter game for Android and people will go here and there and take the pictures of those places. How can I secure myself from them?

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The whole system works on the principle of the game and people interested in getting more points and excitement from this game. The main goal of the Ghost Hunter game is to chase the ghosts which might be seen through the augmented reality display on the smartphone and zap them. Exactly at the zapping moment picture needed for University’s research will be taken by the camera of the smartphone.

I guess that is the thing you are trying to avoid. And I can understand why.

You see, the spots where those ghosts will appear can be easily controlled. In such soft-core way scientists, huge corporations and the government can control people behavior and gather photos of places they are interested in and other people who visit those places. How can you prevent this? The only way I can imagine is to prevent Augmented Reality Ghost Hunter app from working by blocking all communication signals of smartphones because you can’t stop their cameras from taking pictures.