Can Broadcom GPS chip improve positioning function in the future

Hello everyone! I’ve read that Broadcom will manufacture its new GPS tracking chip in the nearest future so I am curious – will it find locations more precisely and how to avoid it in case of such need?

The word “conclave” means “with key” in Italian, and comes from a Latin term referring to a piece that can be locked. But closed doors are not enough in the 21st century.

Before the vote, Vatican officials will sweep the chapel and the guest house that houses the cardinals with anti-bug scanners to detect hidden pickups.

Moreover, Broadcom BCM4752 chip is also tuned for indoor location tracking. To do this job correctly it uses wireless WiFi and Bluetooth connections, and even NFC communications. All those frequency bands along with GPS and other satellite navigation systems will make this tracking chip an absolutely new player on the satellite tracking market. By the way, Broadcom have probably already started its shipments to the mobile device manufacturers.

So you want to know how to get rid of such powerful tracking? It won’t be as easy as you want, but it is possible. You can block the signal of Broadcom BCM4752 tracking chip by using a combination of GPS jammers, WiFi and Bluetooth jammers, and also you need to jam the NFC signal. Only in case all those wireless signals be blocked you can be safe from this cunning tracking.