Whether the FCC banned Lytro cameras

Hi guys! I have heard that Federal Communications Commission got the Lytro camera in their hands and made a teardown of it. Does they prohibited to use it after that?

We believe that computer security is very important and we will try to help you protect your data. Such a portable Wi-Fi router or MiFi is widely available and is convenient if you urgently need an Internet connection for two workstations. But, we have already written that these portable MiFi routers can be quite dangerous. The reason here is in the way they work. They create a WPA-2 personal encrypted wireless network and share the Internet connection between connected users.

The main problem is that wireless networks are not really reliable. They can be hacked easily and in this case, all your private or commercial data will be at risk. If you plan to use it for your business, we recommend that you do not do it. You will not be able to detect if someone is trying to enter your network because Wi-Fi can be hacked even with an iPhone. That’s why it’s best to avoid MiFi.

The Federal Communications Commission has only disassembled Lytro camera to make sure that it not uses any illegal technologies to create such impressive effects and pictures. And it does not! Thus you can be as happy as we are now and join our happiness because the Lytro camera works just fine and it is allowed to be used by common people. Yet there is one thing worth to be mentioned here.

The thing I am talking about is the WiFi jammer and Bluetooth capabilities of the Lytro camera. At first look they might be very useful to the camera owners because they will allow them to share pictures made by the camera or even remotely control it. But if you read about the WiFi network vulnerabilities you might be worried about somebody hacking into your Lytro camera and stealing your personal photos, thus preventing anyone stealing photos from Lytro camera using WiFi connection is the effective way to get a better sleep every night