Will Intel really make microchips with WiFi in a few years

Hey everybody! Heard that Intel is going to surprise all of us in a few years by making a chip with WiFi embedded in it. Is this a joke or real info?

The GSM protocol also has some serious security deficiencies because it is completely obsolete and can not withstand modern threats. So, all you can do is to avoid keeping important data on the smartphone, get away from free public Wi-Fi networks and monitor the applications you install, malware can be detected on a device running any operating system.

First of all, be aware that all modern smartphones are vulnerable, we have already written a lot and there is no reliable and reliable way to protect them. The only way to secure your smartphone is to make it unusable. Just do not store sensitive information there and it will be fine. In addition, we will provide you on the website the basic security rules of using your smartphone. Most people ignore them and until it’s the same thing, the whole situation with smartphone security will not change.

This WiFi radio will use common wireless frequency that is equal to 2.4GHz and this Rosepoint microchip will be adapted for different devices from PC to smartphones. The size will be even smaller than now and the price will go lower. You are probably feeling yourself very happy reading this but you should not be in a hurry to walk upon air. The danger is always near.

I am talking about this WiFi jammer. Remember I’ve mentioned 2.4GHz frequency? The same is used for all WiFi connections in any hotspot you know. And WiFi connections are not safe at all. But they could be used not only to steal your private data but also to find out where you are using WiFi embedded in this new microchip or in the other one alike. So you need to effectively use new microchip in your future smartphone without being spied by WiFi in it. New technologies are great but you must be always on your guard when dealing with them. Always