How do I know my webcam isn’t spying on me

Hello everyone! I’ve heard from my friends that webcams made by Trendnet has some serious bug that allows hackers and even common people to peek over their owners. Is it true and how to deal with it?

As we know, because the rapid development of electronic technology, we can realize that more and more electronic products are entering the modern life of people and these devices have brought more and more convenience and joy in life everyday people. Let’s take an example, to stay in touch with friends and families, before very long, most people have had to write letters and the truth is that letters can be easy to lose and delay. They can not receive the news on time which can cause a lot of problems. However, today, with the wide spread of cell phones especially smart phones, we can talk to our friends and relatives wherever we are at any time. It’s so convenient that more and more people rely heavily on the cell phone.

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If you have Trendnet web camera in your house, you need to go to their website and download the critical update to patch this security flaw. But there comes another thing: if you have other web cameras they may have the same bug still unknown to their manufacturer, as well as web cameras of your friends which might be used by someone to peek on them and you when you visit them.

I guess you want to avoid such unpleasant situation? Since modern web cameras use WiFi connection for their work, you can easily prevent them from watching you and your friends, but if the camera uses wired connection, the only thing you can do is to not forget to turn it off when it is not needed.