Is it difficult to build a personal reconnaissance UAV

Hi everyone! Recently I’ve read an article made by Francis Fukuyama about the surveillance drone he created by himself. Is it hard to make such drone and what can I do to protect myself from such drone?

As we said before, all these modern gadgets are vulnerable. Their most vulnerable points are the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules. Wi-Fi itself is hackable and that’s how most of the smartphone hacks are made. The second is Bluetooth, it has almost the same security problems. But these problems can be solved by retaining these modules or by using a 2.4 GHz signal blocker. These do not disrupt mobile communications, so you will always be able to make and receive calls.

But there are a number of things you can do to protect your gadgets. The problem with Wi-Fi is that its signals can not be limited and that anyone, with the corresponding receiver can get them. But you can limit the spread of Wi-Fi waves with a Wi-Fi signal jammer. It will block all 2.4 GHz frequency signals and limit the range from which your network is accessible. In this case, a hacker will have to approach your data.

But having such drone is cool from the perspective of the owner but there are many other people around. If this surveillance drone has been made by a nice person like Francis Fukuyama, you have nothing to worry about. But if such surveillance UAV is made and used by bad guys with tech skills, it can do a lot of harm. For example, it can carry small video camera that can record a video with some parts of your private life which you want to remain private.

As long as such surveillance drone can be easily built by anyone who has some skills in electronics and uses cheap equipment, just imagine how many UAVs like that can appear in the nearest future. Considering that they would probably have video recorders instead of modern video cameras, you can’t stop them from making a video. The only way you can protect yourself from such simple yet effective surveillance drone is to block the signal of RC drone remote control thus making it lose control and crash shortly.