Can GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote be used for monitoring purposes

I mean, is there any possibility that it will be used with bad intentions and if it is then can I protect myself from it somehow?

The reality is that signal jammers are not meant to harm. In fact, even by blocking cell phone signals, the frequencies of emergency services are not disrupted. So, to give you and your customers the peace and quiet they deserve while allowing those in your building

Of course, a cell phone jammer can also be beneficial in places like a movie theater or library where other guests are waiting for silence so that they can enjoy their activities. Therefore, having a signal jammer can …

So GoPro created new addition to their camera and called it WiFi BacPac and Remote. This addition allows any user of this system to control up to 50 GoPro cameras remotely and transmit recorded video or even stream it in real time to smartphones, tablets or waterproof WiFi Remote. In that way extreme sports lover will be able to entertain his or her friends with live video footage of own adventures or preview how the video that is currently pictures would look.

Yet if some bad guys would wish to make a video about you for blackmailing or other purposes then they might use GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote as the easy way to make such video. In order to secure yourself from possible problems you can avoid being pictured by GoPro WiFi BacPac and Remote camera and be safe from this threat.