What can I do to prevent being discovered by DRONE Stealth Cam

Hi guys! Please tell me how can I make that DRONE Stealth Cam will not spot me

Now this will find the most powerful wireless interface and enable monitor mode. If a monitor mode interface is already in place, it will use the first one it finds instead. It will then begin to sequentially jump channels 1 through 1 from channels 1 to 11, identifying all access points and clients connected to these access points. At first pass through all wireless channels, it only identifies targets. After that, the time limit of 1 s per channel is eliminated and the channels are hoisted as soon as the deauth packets have finished sending.

Wifi jammer, is a tool that blocks all wifi clients and access points in range. The effectiveness of this script is limited by your wireless card. Alfa cards actually seem to get stuck in a block radius with a high saturation of the access point. Granularity is given in the options for more effective targeting.

DRONE Stealth Cam has wireless modem that operates with GPS and cellular frequency bands. GPS is used to monitor the location of this hidden surveillance camera and cellular networks are used to send data produced by this cam (pictures, videos, etc.) to the camera owner. All data is then available through internet browser and DRONE Command Hub website.

Among other features of DRONE Stealth Cam are 4X zoom, weatherproof housing (IP54), image preview thumbnails and high speed CAT5 communication port. As long as you cannot prevent this hidden cam from picturing you directly (unless you will avoid physically from getting into its view range) you can prevent DRONE Stealth Cam from using its cellular antenna to send e-mail and social media notifications about video was captured or to make pictured image available for preview and download