What jammer do I need to block the Drivecam GPS signal

Hi guys! I have Drivecam in my vehicle and I don’t know what type of GPS it uses. Could you help me find the smallest easiest GPS jammer that will work for my Drivecam?

I bought a new truck 4 months ago and it has a DriveCam (forward only). They say that if you have a “coachable” incident, security will call you. So far, I haven’t gotten a call, so I take that to mean that all my incidents are acceptable, or that I handle them in the best possible way.

Still, the camera raised my anxiety levels because every time the damn thing lights up, I feel like I have to do a “show” for the camera.

For example, suppose a car changes lanes in front of me, but not in a dangerous way. Let’s say a 5 second follow distance, but I feel like I have to tap Jake Brake so the camera can see my reaction.

  • Then, I pictured someone in the office looking at the video and saying, “Ahhhh great job.
  • He increased the following distance to 8 seconds.” I found myself looking up at the camera to see if it was on, and that was what made my sight Unnecessary reasons to leave the road.

This approach seems to be working for me so far because, as I said, I’m never called. But wow, it does take away from the general driving pleasure. Do you guys have any tips, tricks or tricks for dealing with these DriveCams? It’s weird how you can not have an accident and still get in trouble.

Drivecam GPS signal

As concerns DriveCam fleet tracking system, there is no actual specification of what kind of GPS band they use in this location tracking solution for vehicles. So you have two options to choose from: the first one is to use the smallest GPS jammer for cars you wanted to use but risk to not totally block the signal of DriveCam GPS tracker, or you can use bigger all civil GPS signals jammer with its special automobile power adapter and be sure that all GPS signals will be blocked in your car.

But how does a cell phone jammer work?

I mean, it sounds like something from a bad sci-fi movie, right? Well, they use antennas to send radio waves in the same frequencies that cell phones use. This causes sufficient interference to make cell phones in the immediate area of ​​a cell phone jammer (which may be 12 feet to five miles, depending on the type) useless. The new devices are tiny and often disguised as a pack of cigarettes. And they can be as bad for you as smoking! How?

In fact, the situation with fleet tracking system is always cuts both ways: on the one hand, DriveCam does great job at improving your driving behavior, saving fuel, etc., but on the other hand it violates your privacy in some way and it is not a good thing. In any way, the choice here is totally yours when it comes to blocking its signal or not.