Does the US government really have access to private data of Canadian citizens

Hi guys! I know that Canadian government can watch us and get access to many private data but now USA will do the same?! Can this be prevented somehow?

WiFi deauthentication works in another way. WiFi sends unencrypted data packets called management frameworks. Because these are unencrypted, even if the network is using WPA2, malicious parties can send unauthentication commands that drive users out of an access point. There is hope, however, with 802.11w encrypting management frameworks. It’s been around for a while, but manufacturers do not seem to mind and do not implement it, even if it would improve the security of a WiFi device from these types of attacks.

In their video on YouTube, they continue to explain that jammers essentially throw a noise load on all WiFi channels making frequencies unusable at a certain distance from the gps jammer. Scramblers are normally quite expensive, mostly illegal, and therefore hard to find unless of course you build yours.

Canadian government calls this agreement Perimeter Security. It is a joint initiative of Canadian and US governments that makes them feel more safe and secure when all citizens of two countries are monitored and governments have access to all information that is collected by means of different electronic surveillance devices and measures.

So if you live in North America, no matter it is Canada or USA, you need to protect your privacy from being exposed to your government or even government of the neighbouring country.