Can some cars be tracked via their automatic PC frequency

What frequencies does car computer send out and can that car be tracked from that frequency

Even a single ring can be expensive. Thus, jammers are set up in such places to avoid ringing mobiles and business meetings can continue peacefully. Mobile phone jammers become a perfect choice for venues such as concerts, cinemas, prestigious organizations, temples and churches. Previously, it was used only in the defense sectors.

It is irritating to see people talking about professional, private or professional life in public places, forcing everyone to listen to conversations. This is happening in different places like subways, trains, buses, malls and cafes.

Carputers are somewhat like smartphones integrated into your car. They have touch screen and many various functions like the ability to call someone, embedded GPS tracking, rear-view camera, and so on. Those functions are using not only the systems of your car but also some wireless frequencies like GPS, Bluetooth or WiFi.

As long as GPS might be tracked with ease, WiFi can be tracked too and even Bluetooth frequency may be used to track your car, you need to prevent your AutoPC carputer from tracking your whereabouts, leaving bad guys with no information about your route and places you visit.