Is unlicensed cell phone tracking legal now

Hello everyone! Contradictory news continue to spread the internet and I am lost in them all now, so please tell me this thing: does US police need no warrants now to track my mobile phone?

As modern technology progresses, people’s lives become more and more practical and easy. As technology continues to evolve, network generation has also shifted from 2G to 3G and 4G again. Maybe in the future, it will reach a higher level. For compatibility with advanced 4G devices, components and accessories must also be designed for 4G technical support. Like a 4G phone. So, without a doubt, we invented 4G mobile phone signal jammers, such as 4G mobile devices supported by the phone, especially 4G smart phones in the market position, effectively blocking the 4G network frequency. The standing plaque indicates that the phone can be useful as a device for communicating with friends, family and other people, but sometimes you get irritated when you want to be alone or in a meeting without wanting to reach the phone. Time is the perfect time for cell phone signal jammers. How to deal with 4G mobile devices, the direction of the glorious era of Mobile Phone 4G Adjustable High Power Scrambler.

It has started long ago and now many sides of the conflict have different opinions on this matter. For example, warrantless car GPS tracking is performed in many US states and according to the courts it is legal. Did they forgot about 4th Amendment or what?! I don’t know how you feel about it, but I want to scream and shout with anger…

Now let’s get back to the phones. This may become a surprise for you, but CTIA supports warrantless mobile phone tracking telling that it will be too burdensome for mobile phone operators to get a warrant every time police needs to track someone’s movement. Can you believe it?! The only thing that makes me a little bit calmer is the fact that some states have opposed this lawlessness – Hawaii, Kansas and Kentucky have started to implement the laws which require police to gain warrant before asking mobile phone operator to grant them cell phone location data.