Mobile phone shield prevents students from relying on symptoms

Hi folks! Those Pebble smart watch and Twine sensor from Kickstarter are cool things to have but can they be used in the wrong way by anybody?

3G 4G high power cell phone signal jammers not only support the 4G network, but also support the 3G network, regardless of the 3G 4G phone, will help you not to meet your customers, friends, family, strangers or colleagues, when You are at work or you want to relax for a while.

In general, we can say that if a communication link has only one dimension to calculate (TX-> RX), for the case of interference, two dimensions must be calculated (TX-> RX and Jammer-> RX ) and then compared. The “link” that will present a stronger signal to the receiver input will prevail; it can be the transmitter (the “partner”) or the jammer.

Twine is a small box with bunch of sensors and WiFi connectivity inside. Pebble smart watch uses Bluetooth connection to get data from your iPhone or Android smartphone. Their work lies in this: Twine sensor receives a signal and sends a message over its WiFi connection to your smartphone and Pebble smart watch reads it and using Bluetooth connection shows it on its screen.

Despite the obvious usefulness of this technological symbiosis (for example, you can place Twine sensor at your door and get a message when someone is knocking on it) Twine and Pebble might also be misused in the similar way (the bad guy can place Twine sensor at your door and know when you leave your house or come back home). But you can block Twine and Pebble wireless connections and prevent any bad consequences of evil people’s deeds