How can I secure my office from EyeRing finger-mounted camera

Hello everyone! Recently MIT developed this EyeRing finger-mounted camera and I am worried that someone can make pictures of important documents in my office. How can I prevent this?

As far as I know, there is none. A scrambler transmits radio waves under the same frequency of a cell phone that intervenes on the connection between a mobile and the tower. A normal mobile will not have this unit

“To scramble other phones using yours? This is not possible.Mobile phone jammers operate by emitting radio waves of the same frequency as the cell phone, causing interference in the connection between the phone tower As such a unit is not present in your cell phone, you will need a separate scrambling unit to accomplish this. “- by Arjun Muraly

made in their motherboard. A separate signal jammer is what you should buy to achieve it.

EyeRing finger-mounted camera is a small device that is held on the finger as a ring. It can take pictures of different signs and money for example (in fact, the original purpose of this device is to help visually impaired people to better interact with this world). After taking a picture EyeRing sends it to the Bluetooth-connected device like your smartphone or tablet, where special app processes the image and reads the text from it aloud.

Still I guess there is a way for people interested in the documents from your office to use this device to save those pictures and study them later, thus you need to prevent EyeRing finger-mounted camera from sending pictures and avoid business intelligence in that way