AR UAV GPS chip, is it dangerous

Hello! I’m really concerned with that so called «spying drones» problem and I fear that they can be used to spy on me. I’ve heard that AR Drone was recently upgraded with a GPS chip, will it become even more dangerous thanks to it?


Commanders may be more reluctant to use a GPS-guided bomb or rocket, especially near friendly forces, if there is reason to fear that it will fall on the wrong target due to jamming or another form of electronic warfare. This in turn could significantly limit the shooting support options available to US forces or their allies.

It is more and more obvious that the Russian systems. and the threat they pose, are there now, though. They also provide the Kremlin with a relatively low-risk way of probing or harassing opponents without triggering a real conflict, as is the case with cyberattacks, as it may be difficult for the authorities to isolate the source of the gps  jammer or the usurpation of the GPS signal. and the real intention.

In that case those drones will become a small, and privately owned copies of UAV’s, which are now used for spying in the USA. And AR Drone, in particular has all it needs for spying, it has a hi-res camera, it is stable enough to make photos and someone may probably use it for spying. So in that case it would be cool to have something, that will disable such a drone, if you will spot it.

And we at have a couple of possible solutions. You can try to block GPS signals, but that won’t probably do the trick, if the drone will be controlled directly, otherwise it may crash. But as long as those drones use 2.4GHz frequency to transmit data and for controls as well, the best way here will be probably a universal jamming device, which will block all the video streaming and the controls of the drone. They are not really cheap, so the owner will think twice before using it against you in future!