How can I protect myself from government UAV’s tracking?

Hi, I’ve read the news about those military grade UAVs that are going to be used for tracking people in United States and I’d like to know, is there any way to hide from their tracking, or disable it? I don’t do anything illegal, I just want to be safe and not under the constant surveillance! Many thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated!

More and more people are using the Internet every day not only for entertainment but also for information and business. Now it is possible not only to buy various goods with great discounts on the Internet, but also to find a job and even get services. The possibilities offered by the Internet are very valuable because they save time and money.


But most of these services plan to process your personal information on the web. All web resources are obliged to inform you that they have received your personal information and the conditions of their treatment, many of them conceal this fact. That’s why at Perfectjammer Inc. we have prepared this short guide on how websites collect and process your personal information.

To achieve highly precise tracking UAVs will use cell tower triangulation tracking. It uses the signal of your own mobile device, no matter if it is the most up-to-date smartphone, or a simple cell phone. Your mobile phone maintains constant connections with at least three closest cell towers and the distance between you and those base stations can be calculated, if the signal jammer is known. But fortunately, it is possible to hide from cell phone tower triangulation tracking.

If you will be able to block it – you will make that UAV literary blind. Just turn of your smartphone and avoid using it for some time, UAV will surely loose your tracks. But that is not really convenient, sometimes, you may require something more powerful, and in that case, our military grade signal blocker will come in handy. It will block cell phones and may even disrupt drone’s communications, if it will come really close