Have you seen RoboRoach? Is it dangerous?

Hi, have you seen that RoboRoach project on kickstarter? It let’s anyone to control a roach remotely, and I wonder, if it is dangerous? I mean, someone will probably try to use it as a spy bug, as it was shown in 5th Element with Bruce Willis. And if it is dangerous – is there some way to block those?

The United Kingdom will use sophisticated UAV scrambling technology at major public and sports events to detect, track and disrupt the controls of any unauthorized air vehicle flying at a distance from terrorists as airborne weapons.

With all the reports on the harmful uses of consumer drones and near misses with planes, it is not surprising that another new technology is making headlines: “counter-drone” or “anti-aircraft” measures. drones

In order to use it you will have to attach that device to a bug’s back, than attach its electrodes to the whiskers. If you’ll do everything right – the bug will be at your full disposal for at least 12 hours. Then the battery will die. Sometimes the bug can adapt to it and stop responding to his commands. You can control it remotely via your smartphone, works with iOS and Android.

Now a couple of words about protection, as long as the device works with smartphones, it probably uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to transmit signals, so a simple 2.4 GHz GPS signal  jammer device will be able to free a roach from someone’s control.