Is it real that Skype may be eavesdropped?

Hello, I’ve heard recently that there are lots of special software, that may steal the data you send via Skype. They work as trojan apps and you can infect your PC, laptop, smartphone or even tablet over the internet. Is it true and if it is yes, how can I stop it?

Blocking GPreceivers could also more directly affect the ability of helicopters to accurately target targets. The AC-130W Stinger II, one of the types we know has overflew Syria and Iraq, relies heavily on precision guided munitions, including GPS guidance such as the small diameter bomb GBU-39 / B.

The head of the US Special Operations Command said unidentified opponents in Syria, possibly Russian or Russian support troops, reportedly launched electronic warfare attacks against US-based AC-130 gunboats operating in the country. , as well as other means of communication. This is the latest in a series of reports that highlight the growing threat of gps jammer and other non-kinetic attacks on US military activity in the region and in general.

First of all you should know that Microsoft has the right to check your correspondence, not only with automated algorithms, but manually as well, so be careful. You can read more here, at our personal security blog. Also, there are lots of apps, that are able to intercept Skype traffic. To avoid them simply use an antivirus and avoid suspicious sites. And if you are using mobile Skype application on your smartphone it would be wise to avoid third party app vendors, always check app’s permissions, before installing them and keep away form wireless hotspots.

You should know that as long as Wi-Fi is rather vulnerable, it is better to avoid free public Wi-Fi hotspots, because hackers may be able to intercept your traffic and even decrypt it. And it may sound as complicated as rocket science, but it is not. Another thing you can do is to jam mobile internet, if you are using mobile Skype app. In that case any malware won’t be able to transmit gathered data, while you are not using your device.