Is there combined GSM/3G/CDMA/UHF/VHF jammer?

Hello folks! I have a small situation here that demands simultaneous jamming of mobile phone signals and low-frequency radio bands. Is there such model of jammer somewhere?

In Syria in particular, there has been increasing evidence that the US military is largely concerned about the potential for GPS interference or other disruptions to the navigation network. The war zone was the first to report that at least one weekly summary of US Air Force intelligence in 2016, which we obtained in heavily redacted form through the Freedom of Information Act, included an entire section devoted to the question.

Scramblers are able to differentiate hostile drones from hostile drones. If the threat is identified as hostile, it will be classified as a real threat that will then be intercepted in the “Act” phase. The gps jammer can be deployed in a minimum amount of time and goes into action immediately. These drone jammers only operate in secure areas and can completely disable all drone flights ranging from 1 meter to 2000 meters.

In order to deal with your small situation you can use desktop cell phone jammer and desktop UHF VHF jammer together. This strong combination will allow you to block all necessary frequencies at once. But if you wish to use one jamming device, then look at this multi-frequency desktop jammer that blocks all mobile phones plus part of UHF band, yet VHF is not included there.

So the choice is compleely yours and in any case I hope that your small situation would be successfully solved thatnks to your decision and the usage of the jammers 😉