What can you tell me about MedRef?

I’ve heard about that application for Google Glass, and I’ve also heard that it uses advanced facial recognition technology. Is that really dangerous as it seems and is it possible that someone may use it against me? And if it is yes, what can I do to stop it? Many thanks in advance!

Unidentified officials told NBC that the interference had an “operational impact” and that Russian equipment was sophisticated enough to overcome a number of existing countermeasures, including interference-resistant components. “The US military maintains countermeasures and protections sufficient to ensure the safety of our manned and unmanned aircraft, our forces and the missions they support,” said Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon. or deny reports.

Drone Gun also has a GPS jammer system to disrupt communications between the drone and its operator. The range of Drone Dome reaches several miles, but causes minimal interruptions to other systems in nearby urban areas.

You were absolutely right, MedRef is an app for Google Glass, that is able to recognize person’s face and get information on that person. We, at jammer-store.com may tell you that basically, that application is meant for hospitals and doctors, who work with their patients will save some time, because an app will be able to provide the whole clinical record for him, including all the allergic reactions and current vital sings, such as his heart rate, blood pressure and temperature.

But, if you are familiar with Google Glass Project, you should know that it is meant for public use and such applications will appear for sure. Project Glass has lots of privacy issues, one of the features of the device is providing relevant information on whatever the user is looking at. The same goes for people and with such a facial recognition technology any Glass user will be able to identify you and get all the data, you’ve in your social networks accounts.

The solution is simple, as long as Glass use vulnerable 2,4 GHz connections, it will be vulnerable too. In fact, Google Glass is just a headset with monitor and a camera, it uses your smartphone to access the web and maintain communications with outer world. It uses Bluetooth connection, and you will be able to make that gadget useless and harmless, as well, with a simple Wi-Fi/Bluetooth signal jammer. And what’s m?re important, mobile phones will still work and you will not cause any problems to anyone.