I think that my cell phone is being wiretapped. What can I do?

Hello! I’ve looked through your QA service and I hope that there are people that would be able to help me. Two days ago I’ve noticed some strange activity of my new Samsung Galaxy. Everyone I’ve called told me that they hear me with some kind of lag, they hear what I say in a second after I’ve said the word. Also, my business is going down. That’s why I suppose that my phone is being wiretapped. I can’t change my phone number and I’ve already tried other smartphones, result is the same.

The standard Drone Dun system includes RPS-42 multi-mission R-RPS-R hemispheric radar, Contros MEOS electro-optical (EO) / infrared monitoring suite, communication module and C-Guard interference detector. RD and NetSense detection broadband systems developed by Netline. The UAV threat is neutralized by the activation of the GPS / GNSS directional devices and radio frequency inhibitor / gps jammer.

But Russia’s ability to jam and intercept video streams from this category of drones is well established at this stage. The country has a wide range of portable and vehicle-mounted electronic warfare systems capable of jamming transmissions and transmitting false information in networks, including GPS spoofing signals and potentially sending out groups and cars.

Than, you should check if there is someone tries to attack your smartphone. You can find more info on modern smartphone’s attack patterns at our security blog. And the last possible scenario will be that someone made a deal with your carrier and uses his equipment to wiretap your phone. Or evildoers may use special device that spoofs cell towers. In that case all the information your phone sends and receives goes through their servers. In order to block it – use GSM jamming device and go to cops, they have special equipment and will be able to check whether your smartphone is being wiretapped.