Can someone block my mobile phone without any kind of jamming technology or other special devices?

Hello everyone! Recently I’ve noticed that sometimes my cell phone looses its reception, without any reason. Occasionally it happens right after some important meetings, so I’m not able to inform my boss about the results of the meeting ASAP. First I haven’t paid attention to that, because such a thing might happen. But now I see that someone must be doing it for a reason. How can they do it and how can I protect myself?

These predator drones were originally designed for combat operations and reconnaissance missions in other countries will now follow US citizens inside the country. These drones will follow armed citizens and use the triangulation of the cell tower to track their positions. US Department of Homeland Security, which launched this process said that these measures will significantly reduce the risks of terrorism and other offenses, related to the illegal use of firearms. But lawyers have already responded to this decision and said that it violates the right to privacy, every citizen of the United States has.

Earlier, Predator unmanned drones were used to patrol the US’s northern and southern borders, but they were suspended due to the reinforcement of law enforcement agencies such as the FBI with secret services and local police

Also you should try to check whether there is a cell phone jammer nearby. To do that try go away from the place where you’ve lost reception for about 40 meters (130 feet), that’s the size of the powerful signal blocker working range. If you still have no reception – then someone simply floods your mobile device.

If you are running Android smartphone – think of protection, someone may have installed special application, that dials default mobile phone number and lets evildoer to listen all what’s going on around the device. In that case your own mobile phone may be turned into a powerful and sensitive eavesdropping bug. In that case, check your smartphone for viruses, install an anti-virus apps and never install applications from the third parties. That will probably help you to protect your smartphone.