Can you help me with blocking controls of Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat?

Hello everybody! I need an advice on how to block that Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat. There is a girl that lives next-door and I do not know how to get acquainted with she. I’m rather shy, but I’m fond of technology and if her thermostat will stop responding — I’ll be able to help. That’s surely a reason to meet with her and I may be able to repair too)) Many thanks in advance!

New technologies not only bring convenience to our lives, but also new risks and dangers. But it is possible to use them for more security. Today we are going to look through some wireless gadgets that improve our security and the security of our property. There are many such devices, but most of them are made to track thieves.

The first thing here is the system that tracks a stolen cell phone. There are many applications that are able to do this and they use the GPS module of the smartphone that is stolen. The most recent versions can even use the triangulation of the cell tower to find the stolen mobile device. These apps are also able to send a new phone number to an owner, if a thief will change the SIM card. An example of these applications is Find My iPhone.

Wi-Fi uses a 2,4 GHz frequency to transmit data and our Wi-Fi jammer devices are emitting signals on the same frequency, so it is overwhelmed with white noise. The whole process is really simple and you will have just to push the button and the device will start working, then push the same button again and it will stop.

You will also have the chance to protect your and probably hers wireless network from all the Wi-Fi vulnerabilities. So, when you turn the device on – her thermostat will stop working and when you will come to repair it, simply turn that portable Wi-Fi signal jammer off and everything will be fine. Her device will be operational and you’ll look like a good guy with excellent technical skills. Good luck!