Is that true that Android smratphone may be used for hijacking a plane?

He, I’ve heard recently, that it is possible to hack airplane’s central computer and auto pilot system with a simple Android-based smartphone and some special apps. I’ve never thought that on-board equipment of modern planes is so vulnerable to hacking attempts. Is that true?

The problem of unmanned drones, which were designed for battlefield engagement missions and as a force in the war on terror, is quite urgent in the United States these days. As you know, US senators recently blocked the election of a new CIA leader, most likely to be John Brennan.

On Wednesday, March 7, when the convention was to appoint John Brennan as the new CIA chief, Kentucky Republican Rep. Rand Paul resorted to the postponement procedure of this appointment. Paul has already said he will try to do it last week. He made such a decision because Barack Obama’s administration will use these remotely controlled drones inside the country, in other worlds they will be used for domestic surveillance against US citizens.

Of course, Hugo Teso has never published the algorithm and the app itself, to make sure that nobody will use it. Major aircraft companies have already contacted him, and asked him to help in closing that vulnerability. Teso agreed to cooperate and we hope that vulnerability will be fixed shortly. The easiest way to avoid that hack is to turn auto pilot off, but pilots have to make sure that the plane is hacked, to do this. That is an example, of how Android smartphones can be dangerous not only to their users, but to all the people around them.

Until major air companies will not fix the vulnerability, we recommend to use powerful cell phone jammer to block all the smartphones in the plane. The device will block all the mobile phones around and won’t disrupt other crucial plane’s systems. Also it would help to block all those annoying jib-jabbers and all the people that just don’t know how to use their mobile devices without bothering all around