Does NYPD really use Android smartphones?

Hi, I’d like to know more about those new Android smartphones, that NYPD uses to gather data about suspects in the field. How do they work, and what are the means of protection, because data stored there is really sensitive. Many thanks in advance!

Another class of mobile anti-theft devices are various RFID tags and Bluetooth. They are small and frequently used as trinkets and all they do is maintain the connection with your phone, or another jewel attached to a phone, and when the distance between the phone and the tag is larger than that pre – set the device sounds the alarm. It will not follow your cell phone, but will remind you if you forget it somewhere.

In terms of security, we can see that wireless technologies are widely used in this area. There are already car alarms with GPS trackers and they use cell tower triangulation too. And as you can see, all these wireless technologies are made to track thieves and prevent crimes against your property. But are they really working and is there a way around them?

We have to mention that NYPD has a couple of protective measures, to make sure that closed data stored on the smartphone remains closed. First of all, the device has no data in it, it accesses NYPD servers remotely and grabs the data from there. Also, those smartphones cannot make or receive calls, to make sure that it won’t be affected by the SMS flood attack. Also, no one is able to install any kind of applications on that smartphone, in that case we may be sure that any kind of Android virus steals data from there.

Another reason for disabling GPS signal jammer – is avoiding cell tower triangulation, so a police officer won’t be tracked in any way. Also, evildoer won’t be able to use a mobile phone blocker to cut the officer from the server, because it uses other kinds of communications. We can tell that those smartphones are really safe and they will be a great asset to the NYPD.