Is there a device that is able to spoof cell towers?

Hello! I’ve heard that law enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona, used a special device that is spoofing cell towers. First of all I’d like to know your opinion on if it is real, and if it is yes, do you know something of it, how that works and how that lets to track the location of mobile phone users?

The server needs to know your IP address to know where to send the web page, and OS, cell phone jammer browser, and screen resolution information is needed to make sure the web page will be displayed correctly on your device. The server also gets information on the page from where you are coming from. Every website stores information about you, but it can be stored not only on the server itself, but also on your device. In this case, cookies are used.

The cookie is a small part of the textual data stored on your local machine. Cookies are created by a server and while you surf the net, you accept cookies from different websites. They may contain information that you have entered in various web forms and login combinations / passwords for the sites you are currently connected to. All activity with cookies is in the background, but you can set your browser to request permissions for all operations