Choose the right one to buy the jammer

As you may know, we have a Wiki service where different people will ask about technologies they are interested in and how to protect themselves from these technologies. A few days ago, someone asked me a question about how to protect your car alarm from code input devices. This question has already been answered, but I think it is best to devote the entire blog to this topic, because we think it is very urgent and relative. In addition, these code input devices are now spreading more and more widely, because this is the easiest way to steal a car or simply open a car and steal anything. internal.

This strategy is the most common. Thieves use this device to open the vehicle, and then they act quickly because they do n’t know if you have a piece of jewelry with feedback. They just need to take what they want from your car and then use this password input device to lock it. Then they left, and if you are lucky, you will not even see you being robbed for an hour or two. These thieves usually “work” in parking lots near large shopping centers or other shopping centers. Therefore, if you park your car there, please be careful!

Now, let us pay attention to the equipment that makes all these things possible. You should know that your jewelry often exchanges signals portable jammer with the car alarm receiver. These signals are transmitted by radio waves with specific frequencies. Car alarms use different frequencies in different countries. Basically, they are 315, 433 and 868 MHz. They may vary by country / region and car alarm manufacturer, but in the United States, the most common frequency is 315 MHz. This is why thieves and hijackers know which frequency to use.

The next thing you need to know is that when you lock the vehicle with a gem, it uses a specific code to send a signal of one of these frequencies to the vehicle’s alarm receiver. This code tells your car to lock or unlock the doors, trunk and hood. This code catcher acts like a passive receiver. When you send such a signal to a car alarm receiver, the code reader will read this transmission and get the code. The only thing left by the thief is to crack this code, and then they can use your car.

The signals sent by these code input devices are recognized as your jewelry by the car alarm receiver. This is why the car alarm responds correctly to these signals. Many people are prepared to protect themselves from these devices and seek answers on the Internet. Therefore, we have collected all possible means of protection and will share it with you.

The first way to protect your car from password entry is to stop using car alarms. This is the easiest method, but the safety of your car will be reduced. Therefore, if you have nothing to do, please try this way. You should know that many people stop using car alarms when they find it easy to hijack them. You can also use other spare car control systems.

The second way to protect your car is to use modern multi-frequency car alarms, which always use different frequencies, and it is difficult for thieves to intercept these signals. Other types of modern sirens generate different codes each time you lock and unlock the vehicle, and even if the thief gets the code and cracks it, they will find nothing. Today, such protected car alarms are very popular and expensive, but they can provide you with protection. can provide you with more choices. This option is less expensive and will not replace car alarms. The option is to use the remote control to lock the device. The only problem you may encounter is to detect the broadcasting frequency of the jewelry in order to select the appropriate interference equipment. We can provide devices with specified frequencies, such as 315 MHz or other frequencies, but we do recommend the use of universal remote control jammers. The device incorporates interference from all common remote control frequencies. This device will block the frequency used by the remote control and give the thief a chance to enter your vehicle.