Jammers free you from being monitored

Many people now suspect that they are under the supervision of others. Yes, this is not a joke. It was hard to believe at first, but this is an absolute fact. This is due to the 1986 Electronic Communications Protection Act (ECPA), which is why large companies and privacy advocates use this law as a legislative priority. Federal Judge Stephen Smith conducted his own research on this issue. According to his findings, in 2006, according to ECPA, there were 30,000 sealed surveillance orders nationwide.

Although all these electronic surveillance commands are unsealed (in fact, most commands are still unsealed), we cannot say that this is good. Conversely, any electronic surveillance order will be unsealed only if someone commits a crime. If there is no crime, then the order will remain closed and monitoring may continue. Whether it’s access to Internet activities such as emails, social activities, or browser history, thousands of innocent people don’t even suspect that they are being monitored every day, cell phone tracking, eavesdropping, etc

ECPA is a very old legislation that allows mobile phone companies and Internet service providers to monitor their customers without authorization, and is absolutely legal when you start looking for customers. For example, if the police must search your house, they must show you an arrest warrant, otherwise, it will be an illegal penetration of your house. However, when it comes to digital surveillance, you do n’t even know how it is implemented, although you do n’t know it, and you do n’t need to notify you.
So although Congress can change this one day, your privacy has been compromised. And at least when ECPA will not change (even after the change), you can protect yourself from the secret electronic surveillance orders, and do n’t let ECPA be the day when you secretly monitor all information. To avoid privacy leaks, you can buy European car gps blocker and charge your car for 24 hours.