The jammer is a complete jamming device

I am very pleased to see President Jacob Zuma ’s response to the National Assembly ’s debate on his State of the Union address this week that I should be free to continue my appeal. Sitting here, in the dark corners of the Redwood Ridge, often insults those who, like the President, attempt to hold us firmly and disturb us with false nonsense.

But beyond that, Zuma urged his government to respect Article 16 of the Constitution, which is a part of guaranteeing our freedom of association, speech and media. This embarrassing and unfair attempt is a promise made after blocking our mobile phones in front of SONA. Zuma said in applause: “The security team resolved and clarified the issues related to the House signal distribution portable jammer last Thursday.” “This is an unfortunate incident that will never happen again in the future.”

I totally agree. Everything is very Korean, right? If North Koreans are allowed to own mobile phones, it will be the past. So it will never happen again. Ideas and so on. However, what constitutes a problem for us is that it is inferred that the security team solved the problem in a meaningful or satisfactory manner. they do not. Former security minister Ronnie Kasrils said that the interpretation of “tactical anti-surveillance measures” by the Minister of Public Security David Mahlobo at a news conference on Thursday caused “interference” in mobile signals. intelligence. It’s as credible as the excuse that “the dog ate my homework.” Kasrils accused the wool of being pulled into our eyes, and he wondered whether the Mahlobo department found the audience stupid enough to believe such a desperate story.

“There is no signal jammer,” Malopolo said at the briefing. “Because if there is a jammer, there will be a complete pause.” Well, the National Assembly has completely shut down. Some reporters managed to get an opportunity. Signal, but only in the men’s bathroom in the west corner of the building-and only when they are standing near the window. Mahlobo will not provide detailed information about the interference equipment, but he is technically confused about what happened. He said: “We found that the system exceeded our expectations and found that there is a specific operational failure.” “Regarding our operating guidelines, in our comprehensive investigation, we will be able to tell whether this error was intentional? If so, is it sabotage? If so, what will we do? ”

As George Orwell explained, the bureaucracy made two speeches in this way for very sinister reasons. But why ask this question, why is this device full of things that were supposed to be “burrs”, but the reporters and representatives singing in the room shut down after a long protest? When I arrived at the press conference room, I learned that my phone was blocked at 5:47 pm. The phone was not just blocked at around 7:10 pm. Until members of the opposition rose up and pointed out to President Baleka Mbete that such interference was a violation of the Constitution, the small parties were enraged to shut down the device. So far, most ANC members do not seem to have paid too much attention to our right to freedom of expression, and perhaps they still do not.

But they must at least show respect for these rights, especially when the president boldly urges them to respect the constitution, he said, the constitution is “the blood and soul of our democracy.” To this end, in order to evoke the legend of the Gupta wedding held at Waterkloof Air Force Base, people are looking for scapegoats. As Mahlobo explained: “The operator failed to terminate the device properly, which affected the correct access of some mobile phone users. Departmental investigations are underway and measures may be taken to take disciplinary measures against those who caused such failures.”

Elsewhere, the president ’s message about maintaining a democratic system does not appear to have been communicated to members of the provincial legislature. Yesterday their unruly behavior led Prime Minister Helen Zille to suspend his speech to the province. Unfortunately, their hooliganism is not very primitive, including Marius Fransman, chairman of the ANC province, who protested that, inter alia, the live TV signal has been cut off and that private security personnel are waiting to enter the scene. hall.