The jammer is a fairly complicated jamming device

Mobile phone jammer, this is the DIY effort of the dark crowd. I ’m sure we all thought about it at some point: if the annoying noisy woman next to you told the story of the private bedroom to the crowd on the subway, or your child was pinned to the phone (hence the prepaid phone ) Sometimes you can use a mobile phone jammer, which can quickly and effectively block the signal and make the phone paralyzed.

Considering that they are quite complicated devices, there are not many ways to make effective radio frequency jammers. Their creation is usually controlled by complex machines, not by error-prone people. Radio jammers are actually illegal in the United States, so if you do not have the appropriate resources, it may be difficult to reach them. So how do we make it our own? By retrofitting the jammer, the jammer can operate on frequencies in other countries / regions and we work by ourselves.

First, we need to remove the pre-made portable jammer box. First remove the antenna, then remove the 4 screws on the top and bottom of the device. Remove the card from the chassis, and then the entire circuit board should be removed. Step 2 Adjust the frequency tuner, the small buttons on the circuit board control our frequency. Curiously, the person who did this left a convenient small Philips head screwdriver hole … which made it too easy to modify.

For the reference point, the direction of the flat side of the tuner should be considered. To adjust this, unless you have a frequency counter around you, we will have to make a guess and check our home phone.

Turn on the jammer and make a non-hanging call on your mobile phone, such as a friend or toll-free number. Adjust the tuner until the call is abandoned and you will find your own frequency. But interference is not an easy task. It is a very difficult thing for people who do not understand physics. Here I recommend, which is a professional website that sells interference devices and has a good reputation. Professional interference allows you to customize everything to meet your needs.