Many devices can interfere with the signal

Johannesburg-South Africa is one of the hot spots in global hijacking and car theft. It is shocking that many car owners have also robbed property of criminals who broke into the car. The growing trend among criminals is the use of cars to interfere remotely. A technique used by criminals, through which the signal prevents you from using the alarm remote control to lock the vehicle. Proactive CEO Ryno Schutte said: “One of the main challenges facing South Africa ’s industry is facing this situation today. Tracked vehicles and goods may be susceptible to interference by criminals.

What is signal interference? He said: “Signal portable jammer have prevented telematics equipment from reporting their location to vehicle tracking service providers. Criminals have purchased GSM jammer equipment. And illegal GPSs on the black market, which were then used to hijack vehicles and trucks . Small portable equipment or large paper jam equipment, such as industrial folders. “Most interference devices are simply inserted into the cigarette lighter jack of the vehicle, and then block all tracking signals, causing the control center to lose contact with the vehicle. Lost. “Don’t be complacent” he said: “There are many types of devices that may interfere with the signal, including smartphones, remote controls and tracking devices. The signals sent by these interfering devices on the GSM or GPS frequency will prevent the tracking device from receiving and sending messages, and will prevent the positioning signal from being tracked without the driver being aware. ”

Cell phone jammer in university

“The fight against crime is the responsibility of all citizens. Don’t think that complacency will not happen to us.”
Four ways to prevent remote blocking
1. Even if you use the remote control to lock the vehicle, you must physically verify whether the vehicle is locked.
2. Keep valuables in an invisible place and, if possible, in the trunk of the vehicle.
3. Store valuables before parking; put them in your boots before you start your journey, not when you reach a destination where someone may be watching.
4. If for some reason you cannot lock the vehicle, please move to another location.
The jammer was originally designed as a privacy tool. The signal is shielded to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the individual. The signal jammer must be used properly and reasonably to make the tool better used for people and legal rights.