The jammer is a high-tech weapon widely used this year

Signal jammers are high-tech weapons that have been widely developed in recent years and are often used in combat, especially in highly developed countries such as the United States. The Iraqi general said that the vehicle-mounted “signal jammer” provided by the United States to the Iraqi security forces has greatly reduced the threat of ISIL drones during the Battle of West Mosul.

What Iraqis call “jammers” or “parasite machines” have been effectively used to resist small commercial drones deployed by Iraq and the Islamic State of Syria to throw grenades and other small grenades. Explosives of advanced troops. The Iraqi general told the Kurdish news agency Rudaw on Tuesday.
General Najim al-Jabbouri Jabouri said: “The Americans brought a very advanced machine to the right bank of Mosul”, west of Mosul: “This is like a car For large vehicles, ISIS is no longer unable to send a single drone heaven. ”

General Abdul Ghani al-Assadi, commander of the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Force (CTS), said that the drone problem has been completely resolved: CTS recorded the first day of 72 ISIS drones flying in the battle of Seymour. Last month, “The next day, we recorded 52 exports,” Assadi said. “Then we used the machine, the parasite machine. It has been eight or five days from now until today, and until today, there is not even a flight,” CTS once again conquered the government west of Mosul, he said. Colonel John Dorian, the spokesman for the Air Force’s “inherent determination”, would only describe the devices sent to the Iraqis as “disturbing objects.” Dorrian has previously said that the U.S. military that provides advice and training to Iraqis has its own portable jammer to deal with them.

A seemingly different type of anti-drone weapon discovered in Iraq is the DroneDefender made by Battelle. It looks like an assault rifle, but it has a directional energy frequency jammer on the chassis. It has a range of about 400 meters and can work by breaking the link to the drone controller or GPS device. Dorian told Rudolph: “The Iraqi security forces are moving very fast now, and the enemy cannot stop them. The only thing the enemy has to do is to use drones, and even the capacity has been reduced.” Japan began operations to liberate Mosul in northwest Iraq. The eastern part of the city was restored in late January, divided by the Tigris, and the battle against western Mosul began on February 19.