Jammer is a very practical device

Before starting today ’s topic, I will ask a few questions:
1. Do you often disturb calls?
2 It is very disgusting to this kind of telephone interference.
3. Are you looking for a weapon to stop this call?

With the development of the economy, people’s living standards continue to improve. When they buy important items, they need their personal information, including ID card, mobile phone number, etc. However, suppliers do not keep their information confidential, but sell it to companies that sell it mainly over the phone. Then, the company’s sales staff uses the signal to accurately call it.

Telemarketing has become an industry involving many people, which is a problem for some people. These days, such sales calls, harassing calls and fraudulent calls have become too common and may be annoying.

Recently, according to a survey of respondents in 2005, 44.7% of respondents who frequently harassed phone calls and 42.1% of respondents had at least one harassed phone call per day. In order to reduce harassment of telephone calls, 73.2% of the respondents stated that it is important to protect personal information. 42.1% of the respondents received at least one phone call every day. In our work and life, we received a lot of harassing calls. These problems caused many problems. “Every week, we receive various calls, insurance sales, loans, financial products, fraud and other information.

What should I do when I receive a harassment call? In the survey, 61.9% of the respondents directly disconnected and did not talk to each other. 48.4% of the respondents said a few words and then hung up. 33.2% of the respondents would block the phone number; 23.3% of the respondents said angrily that they would stop the harassment. 11.9% reported phone numbers.

Some people just ignore them because of various harassing calls. “No matter what type of phone you encounter, you just say that you do n’t need it, and then hang up. This is the best way. They will say a few words, but they think you need this service., Tell you It will be very troublesome. If you do n’t hang up after a regular reply, it will cause more problems. “Some people usually answer the phone, then hear a sales call or similar call, say no, then hang up. But some of them are fraudulent calls. Even if you hang up, they will always call you back. , Which has greatly affected our communication.

Of course, in life, in the face of harassing calls, more use of mobile gps jammer, at work, open the mobile phone jammer, open the mobile phone jammer at rest, stop harassing calls and spam plays a very important role. Mobile phone jammer is a very practical device with a wide range of uses and uses. Now it is very popular in preventing harassing calls. If you often encounter interference from harassing phones, you only need to buy a jammer phone to do you good.