The frequency of jammers in North Korea is increasing

South Korean officials say North Korea uses radio waves to block GPS navigation systems near the border. It is said that these emissions have affected 110 aircraft and ships and may cause cell phone failure.

Agence France-Presse quoted Zheng Junxi, a spokesman for the Southern Unification Ministry, as saying that this was a “provocative act.” Since the fourth nuclear test in North Korea in January, the tension between the two countries has been strong. The Yonhap News Agency quoted senior government officials as saying that the broadcast appeared to have started from various places along the border a month ago, but on Thursday North Korea released the largest number of GPS jamming signals.

Agence France-Presse said the South Korean Coast Guard reported that about 70 fishing vessels were forced to return to the port due to problems with GPS navigation. There are no reports of flight disruptions. The Korean news agency said North Korea has been accused of gps jammer signals at least three times since 2010. We are considering using equipment imported from Russia.

Pyongyang calls this statement “pure manufacturing”. Analysis: Stephen Evans (Stephen Evans), BBC News, Seoul. Before tensions between the two countries intensified, North Korea had confuse South Korea ’s global positioning system.

Four years ago, pilots of more than 300 commercial flights detected interference with their systems. The aircraft has a reserve, but there is no disaster. The South Korean government said this time that 58 aircraft and 52 ships were affected. So far, no serious damage has been done. However, just knowing that GPS will be interfered by Pyongyang is still confusing for ordinary people.

A South Korean man told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) that the map on his phone suddenly took him away from his current location, and he wanted to know whether it was due to North Korean actions. Since North Korea conducted a nuclear test in January and then launched a long-range rocket, South Korea has strengthened security measures including border patrols and has authorized the United States to fly fighter jets nearby. boundary. The North threatened to indiscriminately kill the United States and the South with nuclear attacks in return.