Jammers are increasingly important to modern warfare

In 2014, Ms. Chen received a text message reminder to update the client. She had to download and update the new client according to the text on the website. Then she entered the account and password in the login interface information, but she could not log in. The message “Verify that the system is being upgraded, please wait later” is prompted, and repeated attempts to log in fail. Mr. Chen has accidentally received a text message notification. According to her, her bank card has received 50,000 yuan. Later, through testing and analysis, it turned out that the URL she received was the Trojan download address. The hacker obtained the electronic money account and password through the fake online banking chan, and confiscated the email identity verification code. What should we do to protect property safety? First, be cautious about unknown installers. Currently, online banking and payment-type malware mainly consist of peer-to-peer transmission, that is, the download link is directly linked to the QR code of the malware through a chat tool, or the user is sent the malware via SMS. Download link. Therefore, do not install mobile phones from unknown sources on potentially dangerous programs. At the same time, you should also set a sensitive application access password, and do not open SMS or MMS from unknown sources.

But in our lives, sometimes we want to maintain peace, we need human interference, because human interference can not only protect our whereabouts from being pursued, but also prevent educational institutions from cheating. Avoid rude guys in the cinema. For example, when you are in a movie theater, nobody will bother you to charge money from a new movie, right? You can use our device to prevent rude people from speaking on your phone during movie playback. No student can imagine a life without a mobile phone, although they can use gadgets to cheat in exams. Our equipment can help teachers and professors in different educational institutions prevent students from cheating. Now, many people need gps jammer experts. For more news, please pay attention to the jammer store.

On April 13, the US “Gazette” reported that this is not a space war for Star Wars fans, not a politician on Capitol Hill in Washington, nor a Hollywood director, but the US Air Force base stationed in the Spa Force Colonel Joe Scott Renault, the men ’s and women ’s soldiers and director of the Space Defense Program of the US Air Force Space Command, said publicly: “Human space plays an increasingly important role in war.” Colonel Scott Renault, Air Force Commander What worries most is whether the enemy ’s future can successfully block the US Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation signals and phased array radar because if this happens, the US military will be “stunned” and the US Air Force bombs will be “all blown up.”