The jammer is specifically for the SIM card

Interference detection is constructed on this basis. The “heart” of the solution is the device that can identify the interference. After capturing the disturbance, the alarm will be triggered in the car alarm and activate the engine block. Opening of the circuit in the vehicle and drawing attention around the vehicle through the alarm cause a major obstacle to the continued theft. The logical step of the thief may be to disconnect the alarm from the power supply, but this can be solved by a backup alarm, which continues to exist in the audible alarm function. The thief’s distraction during the operation can lead to the end of the attempted theft, or divert his attention to another car. Interference detection also has the function of automatically identifying authorized drivers. In case the driver enters the vehicle and is not considered an authorized person, he will try to start the engine and the anti-theft locking device will activate the engine’s locking function. The system does not allow the engine to be started, and at the same time it sends information about its unauthorized attempt to start the vehicle via SMS.

You can also track the battery level. If you find that the battery consumes a lot of power even when it is in standby mode or when the phone is not used heavily. This may be due to hackers installing illegal third-party applications on your phone and causing your private calls to be eavesdropped. It should be noted that old batteries tend to die easily, so be sure to contact your mobile operator to check for suspicious phenomena that occur without your permission. If your phone interferes with any audio device, even if you do not use it, it is likely that your sensitive data will be transferred to the evil person. In many cases, we have accumulated information that eavesdropped mobile devices will produce abnormal static noise or other portable jammer or clicks during phone calls. In this case, it is best to use another device or SIM card for your sensitive subject. You must note that eavesdropping is not so easy, it can only be done with the cooperation of your mobile operator-therefore, if you are eavesdropped, the legal officer may eavesdrop and may guarantee your name.

Many people are willing to put their personal information at risk. They share it with smartphones through social networks and use unencrypted protocols for transmission over the Internet. This is why we always tell or let readers know that the security of their private information is their concern, and if they will at least not do anything about it, then no one will be able to protect it. Protecting your information is easy, but one day it can even save your life! So how to ensure the security of mobile payment? The disruption shop sets a password for actions taken by everyone. Everyone sets a password that is difficult to crack when using a mobile phone. For their Alipay, balance, financial management, etc., different passwords and accounts are set through the payment method of mobile banking. This is the most effective way to protect the security of mobile phone information. Security risks that can effectively prevent the loss or theft of mobile phones