Will the interference signal radiation of the jammer affect the health of nearby residents?

According to the interpretation of the relevant data, the so-called electromagnetic radiation refers to the energy emitted by the signal source into space in the form of electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic radiation sources are divided into natural radiation and artificial radiation. Natural electromagnetic radiation comes from the earth, and solar radiation, such as man-made electromagnetic radiation, mainly comes from radio, television, communication base stations, and the application of electromagnetic energy in the life of equipment. In real life, you can make electromagnetic radiation sources everywhere, such as computers, mobile phones and microwave ovens. Regarding the issue of electromagnetic radiation, whether it is harmful to human health The size and transmission power range from a few watts to hundreds of watts, and the power density is usually between 0.6 and 2.0 per square centimeter (mu w / cm2) belongs to low-frequency radiation. Normally, the base station antenna is installed in a building or tower 15 to 50 meters above the ground. The antenna mainly emits radio frequency signals in the horizontal direction, and it is rarely transmitted from the base station in the vertical and horizontal directions. Of people can only be affected by radiation for a long time within this range. China’s telecommunications, mobile, Unicom and other base station antennas are generally higher than nearby homes.

Some people based on radio can even control themselves! Of course you can only find that your home satellite device is not working! In fact, the body itself is the biggest injury or invisible injury! Please use it as appropriate! In our European and American developed countries, there are strict laws prohibiting the use of such equipment for civilian use! But for some illegal ACTS without law enforcement efficiency! The portable jammer interferes with TV broadcasting. Its working principle is to use a sweeping type (3.7 to 4.2 GHz) wideband pulse directional scanning to make the satellite receiving antenna in a specific area capable of receiving or directly bring down the frequency to realize the satellite antenna receiving and Use is prohibited. Within the interference range, all users have received band satellite TV to watch TV. When the interference signal in the race is greater than the satellite signal 20 db, the TV image, and when the interference signal is greater than 30 db, the satellite signal TV becomes black. The interference signal radiation of the satellite radio jammer is large, which will affect the health of nearby residents!

The biggest advantage compared to 4G is that 5G networks will be greatly increased. An experiment in the UK showed that under 5G networks, the network transmission speed will be 100 times higher than 4G. Below 5G, the time required to download a movie is no more than one second. Unexpectedly, in the 5G era, the difference between mobile users’ perception of mobile Internet and WIFI network will disappear. Users can have a seamless and smooth transition from outdoor to indoor, from mobile network to WIFI, eliminating the cumbersome steps of switching networks and entering passwords, and can almost feel that WIFI “exists”, including voice calls Transmission on WIFI network. From the user’s point of view, WiFi seems to be “dead”, but in fact the integration with the mobile network makes the user notice the difference. In the future, your pet chips will automatically exchange data with the equipment in the house, and you will know when the child returns home. In the car on the highway, you can achieve automatic driving.