The signal jammer can adjust the interference distance according to the size of the environment

I am talking about an emergency, what if the wife of the caretaker now has a child and it is not even possible to call him! Or, a person from the employee ’s house caught fire, and because the signal portable jammer was used incorrectly, he could be told only at the end of the shift. It’s not really cool. Therefore, I see that using a global jammer is not the solution, we should try to use a small radius jammer. Their coverage area is roughly equal to the area of ​​the prison cell. Therefore, the guards are not within the coverage area, and the signals sent to their radios and mobile phones can be easily passed through. So what will we get? Prisoners cannot use mobile devices because their signals are completely blocked, and guards can use wireless networks (radio, smartphones, etc.) as needed.

As I said before, wireless network users are mobile. They connect and disconnect several times a day, which is the most dangerous moment in the network. When you connect to a wireless network, Wi-Fi devices send each other packets with access codes. A hacker can track and intercept such packets, and in this way know the secure password, and will infringe on your network. Another common cause of cyber hacking is unprotected hardware failure. These are usually incorrectly configured supervisor tablets or personal laptops. They will act like “rogues”, giving hackers the opportunity to invade the network and spread malware in them. Sometimes a company also tries to save money by buying consumer-designed hotspots and routers, which are weakly protected. You should always purchase company-designed hardware to protect your business information.

Since the cornerstone of survival is now often taken for granted, we have reached the point where food is not considered a necessity, just as our blood is not considered a necessity. No ordinary person needs them. They always need to draw blood through a vein and the heart can beat to survive-our body is like this, and we have not considered it. If you read this blog, you may think of food and water in the same way. You don’t have to emphasize its source, because it still exists. Therefore, since our essential food always exists, this fact enables us to start creating new things for our lives. We need our air conditioner. We need TV. We need $ 400 for these headphones. Without advanced smartphones, we cannot survive. It seems that we have become a huge youth country, and those who shout hysterically: “You are wasting my life!” When parents take away our smartphones or car keys.