GPS jammer makes your car safer

Law enforcement agencies in the United States have begun to use drones and drones for work. The Victorian Air Wing Police recently convened a meeting to analyze its possible implementation. Victoria Police said on Sunday that they will continue to investigate whether these drones are suitable for future combat operations, but did not provide a clear deadline for their decision. They said: “The Victorian Police will evaluate the rapidly developing UAS technology area for use in combat in the near future.”

It does n’t matter driving a car or crossing the road (even if you use a crosswalk)-texting while driving or walking not only harms your life, but also the lives of others around you. For example, you send a text message while walking on a crosswalk, but you ca n’t see the red light, and the car is green. You start crossing the road, or are hit by a car (especially if the driver texted and did not see you), or the driver severely braked and was hit by the car behind him. Or realize that he will not be able to stop in time and prepare to stop his car from hitting you, he will rest more on the sidewalk. And no one knows how it will end …

Now, let us pay attention to the gps jammer equipment that makes all these things possible. You should know that jewelry often exchanges signals with the receivers of car alarms. These signals are transmitted by radio waves with specified frequencies. Car alarms use different frequencies in different countries. Basically, they are 315, 433 and 868 MHz. They may vary by country / region and car alarm manufacturer, but in the United States, the most common frequency is 315 MHz. This is why thieves and hijackers know which frequency to use.

The next thing you should know is that when you lock the vehicle with a jewel, it will send a signal of one of these frequencies to the vehicle’s alarm receiver at a specific frequency. This code tells your car to lock or unlock doors, trunk and hood. This code catcher acts like a passive receiver. When you send such a signal to a car alarm receiver, the code reader will read this transmission and get the code. The only thing left by the thief is to crack this code, and then they can use your car.