Pedestrian crossing for cell phone jammers to avoid fines due to phone malfunction

Police said the jammer technology will make their network work safer, but civil liberties activists worry that using drones will seriously violate people’s privacy. The police will not designate these parts to be distributed to these drones in different departments, but it is believed that they will be used for surveillance and chasing vehicles. In a written announcement, the Victoria Police stated that the technology is rapidly developing and said that things that can create more efficient and safer police services are definitely worth evaluating.

This is something you should consider today. You may ask me: Why should I care? As an answer to your question, I would like to say that, despite the fact that this does not seem to have much of a problem (for example, compared to texting while driving), this topic has become increasingly popular today. This is why I invite you to think deeply and consider various options. I also give you some examples for you to think about. There is no law prohibiting texting while walking. But a city called Fort Lee in New Jersey has almost passed such a law. In the end, the law was not approved, and two fatal pedestrian traffic accidents occurred within 24 hours, which led to the launch of several state-level safety plans in Libao City, Quanzhou, in March. February. In addition, 117 pedestrians were fined for failing to use crosswalks with or without cell phones and cell phone signal portable jammer to avoid phone malfunctions.

As you may know, we have a Wiki service where different people will ask questions about the technologies they are interested in and how to protect themselves from these technologies. A few days ago, someone asked me about how to protect car alarms from code input devices. The question was answered, but I think it ’s best to devote the entire blog to this topic, because we think it is really urgent and relative. In addition, these code input devices are now spreading more and more widely, because this is the easiest way to steal a car or simply open a car and steal anything. internal.

This strategy is the most common. The thieves use this device to open the vehicle, and then they act quickly because they do n’t know if you have a piece of jewelry with feedback. They just need to take what they want from your car and then use this password input device to lock it. Then they left, and if you are lucky, you will not even see you being robbed for an hour or two. These thieves usually “work” in parking lots near large shopping centers or other shopping centers. Therefore, if you park your car there, please be careful!