Jammers can block all dissonant sounds

According to reports, the new jamming system can eliminate targets one kilometer away, giving it sufficient range to eliminate threats before they reach the air. The Chinese authorities take this threat seriously so that more units can purchase different police agencies in the country. That is, these activities include disrupting/destroying the command and control network by interfering with radio communications, obstructing the operation of radar and suppression systems. GPS signal jammer. However, the main obstacle is the lack of conclusive evidence and data related to the tools, gadgets and other means used by Russians to launch electronic warfare in Ukraine. However, thanks to independent investigations by Ukrainian activists and online journalists, it is now possible to talk about the fact that Russia’s participation in electronic warfare against Ukraine is indisputable. The data provided by the Ukrainians illustrates many ambiguities in Russia’s use of electronic warfare in Donbass.

Interference with Russian newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta quoted military experts as saying that military saboteur Rychag-AV greatly reduced the effectiveness of the US air strikes on Ash Sha’irat Syrian Air Force Base in April 2017. Electronic weapons can be used in more and more extensive combat activities, from detecting and defending improvised explosive device attacks to interfering with enemy communications, and even controlling enemy drones. For example, the “enhanced assassin chain” may involve the use of electronic warfare methods to prevent American drones from being “hacked”, “gps signal interceptors” enemies” or takeover. In addition, electronic warfare defense systems can better protect radar signals, Protect weapon guidance technology against large platforms such as ships, fighters, tanks and attacks. The new generation inhibitor frequency or NGJ includes two 15-foot PODs under the Growler EA-18G aircraft, used to transmit electronic radar blocking signals, and the aircraft two There are portable jammer  on the side.

Both China and Russia are selling GPS signal jammers. Eastern Ukraine recently used some of the latest Russian GPS locators. In 2007, China introduced a powerful vehicle-mounted GPS interference system to the market. These “GPS interference trucks” aim to form protective “bubble” in the middle of the truck. Sales are slow. When invading Iraq in 2003 a year ago, Saddam was thought to have purchased many GPS interceptors to counter the US JDAM GPS smart bomb. It is no secret that JDAM has spare INS. Iraq’s GPS jamming did not have a major impact on the 2003 campaign.