The jammer controls the drone and guides it back to the ground

The interference signal of the anti-UAV rifle covers the remote control frequency of all standard drones. Drone rifles also interfere with Global Navigation Satellite System (GSNS) signals used by drones, which are programmed to reach their destination through autopilot. sells a drone-type unmanned cell phone signal blocker DroneGun, which interferes with the drone signal and allows users to control the drone and guide it back to the ground. The tactical jammer is called DroneGun, which provides an effective countermeasure against the drone by interfering with the drone’s signal and launching a controlled vertical landing or forcing it to return to the operator. On the other hand, ECCM is responsible for defending ECM technologies and invalidating them. The history of ECCM can be traced back to World War II, when the British used jamming technology to interrupt German radio communications. To solve this problem, the Germans increased the radio signal transmission power to control the blockade.

The radar drone jammer weapon will immediately crash the drone or return the operator of the drone, which means it can protect people and infrastructure property from drone attacks. We are developing weapons or arsenals of China, Russia and the United States from various ongoing space arms races. Space weapons include satellite interceptors, lasers and high-power microwave weapon systems. Experts say the biggest threat at the moment is to view non-moving threats, such as the ability to interfere with GPS and satellite communications. Because satellite jamming technology is relatively cheap, the threat is not limited to the countries that make space.

According to the product manual, the Perfectjammer pistol uses signal jammers with frequencies of 2.4 and 5.8 GHz, and also has the equivalent technology to prevent GPS and Russian GLONASS. At the end of 2017, Perfectjammer will provide an automatic remote drone/drone system, which will provide a small drone detection system, such as DJI Phantom 5 km away, 360-degree panoramic coverage, no blind spots and intuitive tracking, identification and Clear the drone 2 kilometers away. The system consists of advanced military radar, advanced EO/IR visible light day and night thermal infrared PTZ surveillance camera system, as well as powerful RF signal interceptor and broad-spectrum gps inhibitor. The automated system will provide 24/7 detection, tracking and elimination of drones/drones, as well as optional static blockers for permanent installation, making it safe for urban and rural mobility, perimeter security, events, Airport and high-altitude operations. Value goal. The threat diameter can be up to 10 kilometers.