Jammers attack enemy organizations and systems through its control methods

According to the theory of electronic radio operations (REC), Russians now have complete electronic warfare capabilities, doctrine, organization, training, material, leadership and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF). “REC combines signal intelligence, direction finding, intensive interference, deception and destructive fires to attack enemy organizations and systems through its means of control. The goal of REC is to restrict, delay or abolish the use of its command and control systems by enemy enemies, At the same time, the Russian system is protected through electronic countermeasures. The estimated goal of the system is to destroy or destroy most communications between the enemy’s command, control and weapon systems, whether through jammers or destructive fires.”

Pentagon officials emphasized the offensive and defensive applications of electronic warfare. Pentagon officials familiar with the new strategy pointed out that the superiority of electronic warfare and the Air Force’s electromagnetic spectrum, the Army’s increasing investment in multifunctional electronic warfare, and various navy plans to advance the next generation of GPS broadcast signals Wait. He also said that this new technology can make electronic portable jammer domes on its command and control facilities, bases and critical infrastructure, making it invisible on radar screens. Electronic weapons can be used in a variety of combat activities, from detecting and defending improvised explosive device attacks to preventing enemy communications and even controlling enemy aircraft.

The role of the general UAV jamming warfare allows the control to perform a vertical landing or return to its starting point-most UAVs have lost communication with the default action-“Assist research to determine the pilot said. This shows that in Kerry Mia exists Mi-8MTPR-1 helicopter equipped with Rychag-AV jammer, which is a powerful weapon for the operation of these electronic warfare aircraft. One of the main uses of these systems in Russia is by reducing the radio signal interception of unmanned aircraft To manage air defense systems and complex silence and efficiency. Ukraine’s March survey results showed that in 2016, Russia deployed such helicopters in the SMD and Western Military Regions.